There is no doubt that change is the name of the game of life today. No one change is independent of another change. All are linked together, each change affecting the rest., as there is no separation anywhere. We do not have to look far to see there is vast room for improvement in all fields of life on our planet. Obviously, to remain a continuing civilization, everything must change for the better, including our individual consciousness, which lives mostly in illusions. But first, on the physical side of things, let’s take a look at global warming and the engulfing changes affecting everyone.

Even the ostriches that have denied global warming to be a reality, are gradually reading the large handwriting that spells out the many conditions that our planet is warming up. This evidence is making for some dire predictions by many voices regarding an uncertain future. No one has an accurate crystal ball to see the exact extent that global warming will bring, but what is predicted is extensive. Perhaps the following information will put global warming into a more comprehensive perspective, indicating on a high note that the cause of global warming is much more than an error on humanity’s part.

Did you know that greenhouse gases are not the only cause for global warming? Astronomical studies by the Russian National Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk, Siberia on plasmic density (plasma being the fourth arm of Astronomy) have found that our solar system has entered an energy field (plasma) 1000 times denser than it was previously traveling through. Further studies have revealed that the magnetic fields and the luminosity of the planets in our system have increased. This greater plasmic-energy density has also affected our sun and earth as well, accounting for the primary cause of global warming. The tragic accumulation of greenhouse gases has hastened the speed-up of this naturally destined cycle for earth to have a warmer climate. As petroleum sources decline, we are learning that fossil fuel energy and coal have had colossal, deleterious impacts all across our globe. When we are driving in our gas guzzling machines that we love so well, and take a wrong turn in the road, we turn around and backtrack to find the road we should have taken. That is just plain, good common sense. But it seems as a civilization there doesn’t seem to be much common sense around. Thus we find ourselves in a planetary crisis. And what is a crisis, in this case, the accumulated energies (greenhouse gases) that no longer work or serve a purpose in a given situation and are forced to spill itself out in whatever way possible - the hastening of global warming. This is a huge lesson for our unintelligent little minds to learn.

Acid rain and chemical pollutants that are found all over our planet, are other lessons going unlearned. We should have already learned that ignorance is our biggest enemy, and that we should be cautiously heeding any further production of products that could cause harm to our planet. It is obvious that new energy sources must be found that leave no harmful, residual effects of any kind. When science admits that a Higher, All-Knowing Intelligence is not just what they call a philosophy, but is an ever-guiding, ever-sustaining Reality in so-called physical matter, then there will be the open door to discover harmless, effective, efficient energies in other dimensions that have been hitherto unknown.

What can we do in the meantime? Certainly we can desist from wasteful practices as much as possible in our daily lives to help in changing us from a throw-away society to one of being totally responsible for the caring of our planet. But the biggest change that all of us can make is in dispelling our ignorance, by learning that we are much more than this little self that thinks it has only the use of its mental acuity to live its trying life. In addition to the consciousness which we have built for ourselves since drawing our first breath, there is available to each one of us a vast, vast Higher Consciousness that can be accessed at any time to show us the right decisions in daily living. The difference between the two consciousnesses can hardly be called a contrast, so superior is our Higher Wisdom Consciousness, when compared to the lesser consciousness that is of our own making.

Everyone has a way to move through these changing times without being pulled into the seeming gloom that each crisis will bring. Everyone can access their Higher Consciousness that most assuredly governs their life, for that Higher Consciousness lives within the Spiritual Heart of every person. Contact with this Life-Giving Center within will open such far-reaching visions of the greater beauty of the life ahead, that earthly life in hindsight will no longer be remembered. The future is bright. Beckoning fingers of light urge everyone to look beyond the level of troubles to the God they know that has all the answers. The present period of many crises are only moments of change in Eternity, out of which will come the long promised Golden Age on Earth. A Higher Consciousness has been steering and guiding each one throughout their many lifetimes to the Golden time ahead, even though we have no current recollection of Its dynamic work. Such is the work of the Silent God in our lives that holds all the answers to life.

The consciousness of humanity is now at a point where the secularism of any ideal in any form can no longer stand by itself, simply because no ideal in itself contains the solution to all of humanity’s problems. We are in a time of big, big change, and a big shift in consciousness is taking place.

“The Big Shift”

What can be said of the Age that is before us? If you have read the foregoing,you will have noted that our solar system has entered into a denser energy field that is 1000x greater than it had been previously traveling through. This scientific observation by the Russian National Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk, Siberia should cause us to wonder what our Creator’s purpose is in foreordaining our planet to become warmer than it has been previously. And who can question the apparent Divine reason for what appears to be such a huge change for our planet? We can only surmise that the Supreme Intelligence has a perfect purpose in ordering the events of the Cosmos, leaving us to wonder then, what heralds in conjunction with a warmer earth?

The idea that a New Age is upon us has been circulating in the press for the past 50-60 years, until fads of all kinds claiming to be New Age phenomena, wore themselves out through lack of substantiating substance. That is, until recent years when the new idea that a big shift is going to occur at the time when the Mayan calendar comes to an end on Oct. 28, 2011. This feeling of an emergence of a new something that is about to occur, can be likened to the time of 2000 years ago when it was strongly felt around the eastern end of Mediterranean Basin that a Messiah was going to appear to free the Jewish people from the harsh yoke of Roman rule. That same feeling of hopelessness presently bears heavily upon many in our land, because the development of a materialistic science has brought some very trapping conditions upon on an unsuspecting society. And just because a calendar ends at a certain date, does not necessarily mean that a time of great importance has arrived, that something unknown is going to solve our problems and do away with our troubles. This is silently wishing that something will occur to change the burdening way of things, saving us from the messes that we ourselves have created.

Only we ourselves can emancipate ourselves from the pressures created by materialism by choosing to be enlightened by the Spirit within. Hastened planetary warming, a crisis caused by the lack of a spiritual foundation to support an ever-growing materialistic science, in addition to the awareness that we are at the beginning of a New Golden Age, points to this being a grand moment of spiritual opportunity in earth’s history. We must remind ourselves that this time period covers many years, and that there will be no instantaneous, overnight change, so we will be needing great spiritual fortitude during these times. The biggest heartening change that we will be witnessing, is the change in the hearts and minds in a multitude of people, for the heart of humanity is sound. Thus, the big change will be seen as a big shift in consciousness, where lasting values will be chosen over the glamorous glitter of a must-have-now way of things. The greater part of this big shift will be the willingness to change from an earthly, mundane consciousness to that of desiring to be in the likeness of our Higher Consciousness.

Down through history, Illumined Ones have pointed to this Golden Spiritual Age that lies before us, which has also been called the Aquarian Age, the sign of the Spiritual Man of the Heavens, pouring spiritual water upon the earth. Our present time has been described as the ending of the long age of individuality, as we enter the long awaited age of Oneness. From the Oneness of God we came, and to the Oneness of God we return to fill the coming Era with Spirit according to the Creator’s Plan. In these transitory times we will learn that all learning and all development of ourselves and our resources, will be for the sole purpose of serving the whole of everyone and everything.

While the changes that lie before us may appear to be very crucial episodes to the ordinary onlooker, these are very special times for us individually and for our civilization. In the big shift in consciousness we learn what is right and true spiritually. Everyone knows this already, but hearts are covered over by many misperceptions, and in the process of moving into a higher spiritual consciousness, these misperceptions will fall away. As has been said, new wine cannot be poured into old wineskins. This is the main work that everyone will do in order to rise into a higher consciousness, regardless of the spiritual tradition one might be following. Earthly ideas about what life is, and theoretical ideas about God, have no part of Higher Consciousness. God, the Supreme Director in everyone’s life, has always been present within everyone throughout all of Earth’s history. In discovering and releasing our old ideas that don’t hold spiritual water, we become infused with the Reality of what God is, which brings us to the helpful point of knowing the parameters in which our conscious mind works.

The following does not in any way denigrate the magnificent use of mind. We live in the Infinity of mind, the One Consciousness that pervades all, and therein in the One Mind lies all our good. What is being pointed out about the conscious thinking of thoughts, is to help you make the big shift in consciousness, where you become the master of your thought life, rather than your continuing or needing to think those incessant, unending thoughts that control you. It is for you to ‘know thyself.’

The use of conscious mind activity to think thoughts is very limited as we shall see. To start with, consciously, even though our thoughts flow rapidly, we can only think one thought at a time as compared to Spirit’s ability to have trillions upon trillions of thoughts simultaneously. Consciously, we cannot think a new thought, as our confined mental activity is primarily derivitive in order to analyze and process experience. We must receive new ideas from either an outside source or from our Higher Source within. Even new fear thoughts are not new, for they arise out of previously held fears, which is why fear thoughts must be looked straight in the eye, so to speak, to see what they consist of, for only as fears are detected and fully observed, do fears lose their gripping hold, so that they will no longer be a factor in one’s consciousness. After all, fears are but our own thoughts, and as hard as it might seem to look at them, they need to be really seen in order for them to be dispelled.

It is helpful to recognize that all thoughts are generated in the present moment, although many of those thoughts deal with what has already transpired or are concerns for the future. When it is seen that staying present in the moment, is the most practical and beneficial state to be in, this recognition in itself will reduce the need to spin off endless streams of unnecessary thoughts. Staying in the present moment goes a long way in helping us to just observe the happenings in life that do not concern us directly. Since we get fed by the media of the many, many daily events that do no not affect us directly, these events are really none of our business, nor is it necessary to make any mental commentaries about them. These reports are only transitory events that come and eventually pass. Watch carefully, though, for your reaction to reported events. Through such awareness we gain mental control, which does not mean that you will become entirely dispassionate, for you will become more compassionate, for all are One in which there is no separation. A lot more can be said about what our thought life consists of, for this consists basically of our habitual thought patterns that continue on and on, until we wise up to the poor life of living in our minds. I say poor life, for thinking about all the things that go on in life, hashing them over and over, is really very poor compared to the rich life of just Being aware in the present moment and living from the Heart.

The big shift, working with ourselves to become the master of our thought life, leads to a glorious shift where we experience the Divine within, the Being that we truly are. Words are totally inadequate to describe that beautiful you that is your own Heart. The Heart, your God Center, has long taken a back seat to the mind’s thought life, which has covered the Heart with treasures of its own. Now, with the lessening of thoughts, the Heart can reveal Itself to the mind. And as these Inner revealings educate the mind of the Inner wonders and glorious states within, it becomes clear just Who is really in charge of our lives, making us more ready to want to experience the Wholeness of Who and What we are. Thus do we make the big shift in our mind from thinking extraneous mundane thoughts to being spiritually aware.

Many more insights can be gained by reading Recommended Books that feature more instructive ideas on how to take charge of your consciousness by seeing through your own mental activity, which helps you ready yourself to experience the Divine within. Freedom from incessant thinking brings great clarity and peace to the mind, a major attainment in the big shift to higher consciousness. It should be mentioned that you need not feel alone in doing this inner work. The Greater You, your Higher Consciousness, the guiding Spirit of your life, is with you always, giving you support and that degree of strength and helpfulness when you need it the most. And do not despair; every earnest effort is a worthwhile effort, each contributing to your goal. It is best to remember that you are clearing your consciousness one thought at a time by recognizing and seeing what your thoughts consist of. Once the mind sees what the mind is doing, there is no desire to think that particular thought anymore. Voila!! There is your freedom. You can do this! It’s all in being how watchful you are of your thoughts. You are like an auto mechanic, tearing down your old engine that never ran optimally, so that Spirit can rebuild it with new spiritual parts to run perfectly forever.

It is very important throughout the whole process of making the big shift in consciousness, that you also practice the three Ascension Attitudes continually. These being - Love of God - Praise to God and Gratitude to God. These practices do for you just as they imply - make you closer to God and open to experience your hallowed Beauty within. It is always helpful to remember that we have been extended forth in the image and likeness of our Creator with an Infinite nature through which Infinite Love and Intelligence can express in this world. For more helpful ideas, please read Recommended Books. If you desire to order any of these books they are $5.00 each, plus $2.00 shipping and handling. It is suggested that you also download this website to use as a handy reference. In addition you can read on this website "Moneyless America" which in itself is a mind freeing text so valuably needed in these times.

Recommended Books

One’s own mind/consciousness study is a very rewarding study. It reveals in a freeing ‘aha’ way just what our elusive false self identity is made up of. It is the sure pathway that leads to the revelation of the Divine within. An additional benefit gained is a steadily increasing state of being more and more aware of one’s moment to moment thought activities, which proves to be extremely helpful in mastering one’s thought life. Please note there is a difference between mastering one’s thought life and controlling one’s thoughts, although the latter is a great aid in mastering one’s thoughts. The elimination of unnecessary thoughts greatly aids in the practice of becoming still, as Ps.46:10 so clearly advises, “Be still and know that I am God.” Having a separated sense of self apart from our Divine Source, has been built deeply within us throughout our many lifetimes, and shaking loose from this false identity of self, requires a strong vigilance of awareness to catch the mind in its thought activities, so that our thoughts can be scrutinized for their respective positive or detrimental nature. Your thoughts produce your feelings, and your feelings act as your barometer, so there is a need to be acutely aware of your feelings at all times. Nothing supplants this inner work.

Three books have been written, “BEING - Guidelines to the Heart”, “Return To Wholeness through the Self Learning Institute,"and "Perception." Each book augments the other, pointing up the areas in our thinking, where we have thought it entirely permissible to freely create thoughts which we have thought to be true in nature, but in truth are areas in thinking that hold us prisoners to being a separated self from God. Without an awareness of these unsuspected areas of common thought, we will continue to create needless thoughts that prevent us from gaining clarity of mind and that long sought peace, which comes through mastery of our thought life.

If all you have read thus far that the big shift in consciousness appears to be just a lofty idea or maybe even seems to be somewhat intellectual, a more simple way of looking at the big change facing humanity can be grasped by the idea, that in this big change, we will be going from having a worldly consciousness to being in Divine Consciousness, a consciousness of One, the fulfillment hoped for down through the long ages of separation. Again, very simply, there is Christ (Love) Consciousness which is Eternal, and there is human consciousness, it being like a small bubble of fluctuating, non-realistic impressions sealed within an Infinite sea of incomparable ever-lasting beauty. In this respect the contents of both books are accented by the strong theme contained in the following Spirit-given words. These guiding words appear on the back cover of “Return To Wholeness:”

A consciousness filled with God is a heavenly consciousness.
All else is duality, and in God there is no duality.
Strive, therefore, to attain a heavenly consciousness.
See all and everything as the Heart sees all and everything.
You can be no greater than the Love that you are,
For Love is all that is, a consciousness of One.
. Abide in the desire to Love, and Love will abide in you.

Regarding the Big Shift in consciousness, there is the likely question to arise in the mind, “How can such a gigantic change occur within everyone?” curious as the mind is to want to know all about everything. The bold answer is: there is no way of knowing just what the Higher Consciousness has in Its plan for each one. We are left in the position of trusting in the unlimited Higher Power in each one, knowing that all is well in Its ability to care for the one that is the extended part of Itself. Trusting in God is a huge element that needs to become an established fixture in our consciousness, which in turn, saves us from needing to use huge amounts of mental energy in trying to know all about everything, for the mind always tries to seek that vital safety ground, where it can like to think that it is still in charge. In reality this can never be, for knowledge can never supplant the Heart’s Love/Intelligence, which is the only Reality, the only safety and security there is.

We know the real value in the above Spirit given words, Abide in the desire to Love, and Love will abide in you, even though we are not continually there yet, for it is the high goal for each and everyone of us to abide continually in Divine Love. If you asked how or why this is so? Spirit would reply that it is necessary for all blocks to be removed in order that It can express freely. Whether all are aware of it or not, all of humanity is on this same pathway to get on the page of Oneness. All are returning to Wholeness.

Pure Love is the great secret of Life, It is the Treasure beyond any known earthly pleasure. It is the larger half of “Knowing Thyself.” The God that are we is Love, and the mind is Love’s servant to further Its Perfect Intelligence. In truth there is no separation between Love and Mind, for all is One. Our conscious thinking mind likes to divide, but in the desire to be Whole, mentally we must come into the knowing that Being the Truth is vastly superior to thinking thoughts about the Truth, and that Beingness is always superior to the knowledge of things.

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About the Author

Don Knight, a retired Unity minister, lives in Tacoma WA. He is a frequent guest speaker at Sunday services and is noted for his rich, insightful spiritual messages. He is author of “BEING - Guidelines to the Heart”, “Return to Wholeness through the Self Learning Institute", "Perception", and "Moneyless America."

In March of ‘93 Don’s Heart was opened to experience the Golden Perfection of his Divinity. In the months that followed he became aware that he identified less and less with his birth name. After nearly thirteen years of using his seemingly foreign birth name, he wondered if he had a spiritual name. Within seconds, Uno (Spanish for one) impinged itself strongly upon his mind. Surprised and relieved, he realized that in truth, Uno was also everyone else’s name, as each and everyone is Uno, One in the ONE that is All.


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